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Sinodè is a consultancy agency that try to support private and public organisations that work in welfare system. We try to improve local social system working with all different organisations that have a role in welfare: local government authority, university, public health organisations, non-profit and for-profit companies, …

Sinodè wants to contribute to the development of the general quality of the system of public policy by giving an opportunity for our clients to rethink their organisation, their strategies and management of human resources, their decision-making processes and procedures for gathering and processing of the information they utilise as the basis for their organisational action.


Sinodè addresses its services to public and private welfare organizations’s:

Increasing the capability to face changes in welfare systems

  • Analysis of needs and estimation of the need for services
  • Forecasting future scenarios
  • Planning and building observatories and information systems
  • Analysis of the nature of social phenomena
  • Accompanying organisations in defining priorities for intervention and projects and policies goals
  • Supporting organisations in identifying the services to be activated
  • Supporting organisations in identifying criteria for the allocation of funds
  • Contributing to the cultural debate of the field in which the client operates


Accompanying organisational and human resources development and promoting quality in welfare’s services

  • Defining mission of the organization
  • Building quality systems founded on the concept of quality in the organisation
  • Accompanying organisations to access to ISO requirements
  • Accompanying organisations towards accreditation
  • Design and gradual realization of an organisational and management system oriented towards continuous improvement and excellence
  • Diagnosis of the organisational system

Supporting management and worker’s capability of decision-making

  • Development of informational systems for the management of services oriented towards healthy results
  • Defining tools for project management

Evaluating projects, plans and policies

  • Support in defining project goals
  • Support in monitoring and evaluating results
  • Accompanying organisations in the creation, management and evaluation of area plans to ascertain the efficacy of interventions on target population (outcome)
  • Evaluation of policies

Developing the ability to communicate with citizens and organisations in the territory to guarantee clients the value of their service and to reinforce trust

  • Building a charter of services
  • Building a social responsibility balance sheet
  • Evaluating client satisfaction

Accompanying regional and local organisations in developing policies to regulate welfare’s services

  •  Building systems of accreditation and authorisation to operate, based on the quality of services
  • Providing incentives for improvement of the quality of services providers
  • Defining strategies to stimulate active participation on the part of citizens
  • Evaluation of the impact of regulating access to the market based on the cost of services
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